so-few-are-willing-to-aspiresaid: Take the blog over?

I didn’t really commandeer it—Kat just vanished.  I wish I could run the blog as if it was one of my side blogs, but I’m only a mod, not an owner.

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As there’s been a slight surge in followers, it’s time for another update.

Kat is still on hiatus, and I don’t know if she’ll be back.  She’s the owner of the blog, so I am heavily limited in what I can do here.

Because I can’t see your questions, fanmail, or submissions, please sent anything you want us to see to my personal ask box.

If you’re looking to browse, there’s plenty in the archives to keep you busy!  If you want a more active unschooling blog on your dash, I’d like to recommend Idzie’s fuckyeahradicaled blog.

"Children are not property, they are their own individual people and the government nor their parents own them. You are supposed to provide for them and allow them an environment in which they can thrive, teach them values, and skills but no one owns any of us. We are not fucking property .. including children!"

anunreliablesource explaining the right way to be a parent (via maxlibertarios)

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"When children attend schools that place a greater value on discipline and security than on knowledge and intellectual development, they are attending prep schools for prison."

— Angela Davis (via thinksquad)

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"One of the greatest problems of our time is that many are schooled but few are educated."

— St. Thomas More (via absolutely-elsewhere)

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