The ‘Drop Out’ Team.

Kat (The Drop Out)

I had no chance of getting into college. My report card was spotted with Cs, i didn’t play sports or participate in clubs. I was trapped.

So i quit. I dropped out halfway though my Junior year. I lived with my cousin in Greece. I lived in India and hopped all over  America. 

I’ve been to six countries in the last year and picked up classical piano. I’ve met some amazing people, immersed myself in different cultures and freelanced for literary blogs.

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Rennee (The Unschooler)

I have never been to school—instead, I’ve been homeschooled all my life and unschooled for the past two years.  As an alternative to school I’ve competed in forensics, read deeply and obsessively, lived a dozen different lives at the local theater, and traveled across America.
I’m very excited to be sharing my insights on life learning and college with you all at How To Drop Out of School!
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