Standing Up to Tumblr Teachers: Defending Unschooling in Highschool.

Tumblr is roaring over my new blog "How to Drop out of Highschool". The education sect is furious- teachers, professional educators and tumblr editors are screaming over my objective.

This post will focus on the three main objections I’ve watched dance on my dash.

1.  The Potential Risk Of Dropping Out
2.  The Need of Unschooling in Highschool
3.  The Blog’s Title

1. “Telling kids that they should drop out of school is setting them up for failure” (Technologation)

I outline in my blog that homeschooler’s  have a statistically higher chance at college acceptance. I outline the legal ways of getting a Highschool diploma from a public school while unschooling.  This claim is ridiculous- even a mild reading in homeschooling will prove the falsities of it.

2. I think we can all agree that the value of an expensive university education is under due scrutiny right now, but in no way do I see the point of arguing for quitting something that is provided to you, for free, while you are a minor. (StephanieMichelleHall)

I’m sick of minors being looked down on- yes, we’re under-age and inexperienced- but the only way we’re going to  gain experience is by leaving the classroom.

We know how we learn- Not our Parents or Teachers or Principles or report cards.  I’m a year younger than a college sophomore. I deserve the same  educational independence.

3. There isn’t one quote to post here- they’re sweeping tumblr. Is my  title too sensational? Yes, absolutely. But it gets my message across, it YELLS my message. My title aptly portrays my platform- it glues attention.

"How To Drop Out Of Highshcool"is bringing the  issue of highschool education to the people who need to hear it most- Highscoolers. This demographic is what sets it apart from other education blogs-  ultimantly it’s informing teens about education- more importantly, it’s teaching them to question education.

And as teachers- how can you argue against that?