What about Prom?

This is the most frequent question I am asked on dropping out. Not how to pursue  education or how to get accredited- but very real concerns over missing a sweaty dance.

The frequency of this question underlies the main error in high school: the emphasis isn’t learning- it’s socialization; It’s conforming and filling teen years with  experiences society deems key-  prom, football and Saturday detention.

But what about prom? I never held much weight to dances- if you do, don’t unschool. Unschooling is not for those who indulge in pep rallys and red cups.

You will not have a conventional high school social life. Anyone who tells you otherwise isn’t being realistic. But you’ll  have something better.

Socialization isn’t  about cliques and hook ups. Socialization is forming real relationships based on mutual respect; it’s about talking to individuals you have nothing in common with and learning others’ views.

UNschooling will give you the independence and freedom to wash “Like” from your vocabulary. You won’t be forced into friendships  to avoid isolation- most importantly, you’ll learn to view everyone, regardless of age or location- as a potential contact, a potential life long friend.