Unschooler’s Graduation FAQ’s

Will desk school graduations rolling around, many free-form learners wonder about their own graduation.  What’s appropriate for an unschooled student?  When will you know how to graduate?  The Unschooler’s Graduation FAQ’s will help set your mind at ease.

Q: When do you “graduate”?
A: Whenever you’re ready.  Some students get their diplomas when they’ve completed the equivalent of a college preparatory course of work.  Some take the GED.  Some simply move on without any sort of formal documentation.  Based on my age alone, I’m considered a senior, so my parents threw me (Renee) an open house this spring and called it an education.

Q: How do you “graduate”?
A: Unless your state or government enforces certain requirements for homeschoolers, your parents should be able to simply consider you graduated.  Check with colleges or future employers—some will require a formal diploma.

Q: How do unschoolers celebrate their graduations?
A: Homeschool graduations range from cap-and-gown to relaxed barbeques.  Generally, the celebration matches the style of education.  My “schooled-at-home” friends held formal ceremonies.  As mentioned, I had an open house.  Some young people aren’t interested in any sort of celebration, moving quietly from one part of their life to the next.